Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin Ski Resort
Dizin Ski Resort welcomes professional winter sports athletes since a long time. It is the largest and most equipped ski resort in the Middle East and the first one in Iran. This resort is ready to provide services in both winter and summer. As a result, the many services of Dizin Ski Resort meets almost all your sportive needs on your checklist. Enjoy the time with all the equipment and create one of your unforgettable memories.

History of Dizin Ski Resort

Raika Tosee Kish Company has been investing in constructing sports and entertaining complexes for a long time. Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps owns this company. It has recently been expanding this resort for a better equipment and development. Therefore, the guests will enjoy the facilities that they deserve. The noticeable point about this resort is that it is the most capable resort in the Middle East. The World Federation has also recognized this resort as an international one. Moreover, it is the first and the most equipped ski resort in Iran.

Structure of Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin Ski Resort is highly suitable for almost any kind of winter sports. There are brand-new plans for building new areas for particular sports. There are 23 ski pistes, containing various kinds of pistes for distinct tastes. The peak time of the ski resort begins from November and lasts until the end of April. Other services of this resort are 5 restaurants, 2 hotels, and 19 huts. The climate of this region is quite awesome; it is cold enough (-20 degree centigrade) in winter and cool (+20 degree centigrade) in summer. Furthermore, grass skiing in summer is possible. It also holds other summer sports like mountain biking, archery, kiting and so on. All these advantages have caused this resort to be a unique touristic pole in the Middle East.

Renting Ski Equipment at Ski Rentals Around Dizin Ski Resort

Unless you are going to experience ski touring in Dizin and will need very good and professional equipment to ski off-piste through the mountains of Alborz Mountain Range, you don’t need to worry about anything. There are several ski rentals at and around Dizin ski Resort where you can easily rent your ski equipment. Except for the socks and the hat that are for sale, you can rent all the other items and depending on the number of the items, it’ll cost you from 15 to at most 25 USD per day. There is one very important point that the foreign tourist should bear in mind; Iranians have their own internationally isolated banking system. So, while they can easily use their Iranian debit cards anywhere in this country, the foreign Visa and Master cards are literally useless here. So, bring along enough cash!

Ski Season, Ski Pass and Prices

The skiing season at Dizin Ski Resort starts from around Dec 15 and lasts until around April 15. The reason for this relatively long skiing season at this mostly hot and dry country is the high altitude at which Iran’s ski resorts including Dizin are located. Dizin resort is located at 3600 meters above the sea level, and that’s maybe why the snow on Dizin slopes are so amazingly powdery. As far as the ski pass is concerned, it’ll cost you around 25 USD to enter the resort and you can ski from 8 am in the morning till 4 pm at which the resort stops working.
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