How do I get around in Iran?

Tehran is the only city in Iran that has a functioning metro system. The Tehran metro transports millions of passengers every day. Ticket prices are about 0.50 USD and the elderly, regardless of the distance and destination, can travel for free. The first and last carriages on all Tehran metro trains are reserved for women, although women are free to ride other cars based on their preference. The metro will also help you to avoid traffic jams and make better use of your time while exploring the city.
All Iranian cities have a network of ordinary buses which are easy and inexpensive methods of inner city transportation. Tehran and a few other major cities have a Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT). Inner city bus tickets are no more than 0.30 USD.
Shared taxis are very common in Iran. A share taxi is called “taxi” and a non-share taxi is called “taxi service or ajans.” Share taxis can be found at taxi stops or the street side and usually carry four passengers. The share taxi fare is between 0.50 USD to 1 USD depending on the distance. Non-share taxis cost between 3 USD to 20 USD and sometimes more depending on the distance. Saying “Darbast” to a non-share taxi means you are not interested in sharing a cab and you will negotiate the fare with the driver.
Traveling around Iran is simple and can be a great experience. You have the option of traveling by plane, train, bus or car.
Iran’s domestic carriers include IranAir, Mahan Air, Qeshm Air and Kish Air. The most expensive one-way plane ticket costs 70 USD. Please note that plane tickets must be purchased at least three weeks prior to travel.
Train travel is extremely convenient in Iran. There are several types of trains including express and regular, which help passengers arrive at their destination as comfortable as possible. Ticket prices start from 15 USD and increase depending on the day and time of travel, category of the train and distance.
Iran has a number of different buses ranging from VIP to ordinary ones. Bus tickets on average start from 20 USD. The price of tickets can vary depending on the day and time of travel, carrier, and distance.
Car rentals are another easy form of transportation. The cost of renting a regular car with driver is 110 to 150 USD per day. Please note that a request must be submitted one week prior to travel date to ensure arrangements are made as smoothly as possible.
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