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The city of Kashan, which lies in a desert at the eastern foot of the Central Iranian Plateau, 220 kilometers south of Tehran, was once a popular vacation spot for Safavid Kings.

Archeological excavations at the nearby Sialk Mound have yielded evidence suggesting that Kashan was where religious thought first took form. According to some accounts, the three wise men of Persia, who followed a shooting star to Bethlehem to witness the nativity of Jesus Christ, were Magi originating from Kashan.

The pearl of Iranian deserts is the birthplace of many arts and crafts. Tilework or Kashi-kari is one of the many arts perfected by Iranians and it is notable that the Persian word for tile (kashi) is derived from the name of this city. Zari bafi or the art of weaving with a gold string has been passed from fathers to sons in Kashan for over 2,000 years which you can eye witness in Kashan Bazaar .

Silk Kashan and Manchester Kashan are two of the most beautiful variety of Persian carpet. Silk Kashan rugs are among the finest and most expensive Persian rugs in the world.

The city has also found fame for its many traditional mansions including the Tabatabaei House, Boroujerdi House, Ameri House and Abbasi House. The most delicate of Persian arts and crafts have been employed in the design and decoration of these mansions. The 10th century Kashan Bazaar with its magnificent lightwells, the heavenly Fin Garden with its Safavid and Qajar bathhouses and the Jame Mosque of Kashan are some of the city’s major attractions.
  • Fin Garden and Bath
  • Tabatabaei House
  • Sialk Mound (Tepe Sialk)
  • Meat and white beans stew- This stew is often served with raw onion and bread or with dill rice.
  • Kashan Traditional cookies
  • Shefteh- A dish consisting of small meatballs cooked in tomato juice.
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Kashan Coordinates

33°59′20″N 51°28′38″E

Kashan Hand Crafts

  1. Carpet
  2. Carpet Design
  3. Coppersmithing
  4. Dome Building
  5. Dyeing
  6. Felting
  7. Girih Tiles
  8. Giveh Weaving
  9. Latticework
  1. Monabbat
  2. Pottery
  3. Rosewater Production
  4. Silk Rugs
  5. Silk Weaving
  6. Tilework
  7. Velvet Weaving
  8. Zari Bafi

Kashan Sister Cities

  1. Kazanlak, Bulgaria
  2. Sabzevar, Iran
  3. Umea, Sweden

Kashan UNESCO Sites

  1. The Persian Garden: Fin Garden
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Top sights in Kashan

September 18, 2019

Fin Garden

September 27, 2019

Agha Bozorg Mosque

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