What happens if I fall sick in Iran?

While you are advised to receive a complete medical check-up before any trip and to find out whether your existing insurance plan will make payments directly to providers or reimburse you later for overseas health expenditures and to obtain travel insurance before embarking on any journey, there is no need to worry about large medical bills in the event of a sudden medical emergency in Iran. Premium medical care is available in Iran at a surprisingly affordable price.
If sudden illness or acute injury strikes, your trip to Iran will not be spoiled!
Iran is a country with some of the best healthcare professionals in the world and international-standard hospitals, so rest assured that you can easily turn to a hospital emergency room for immediate medical assistance. You can even have access to round the clock dental care services should the need arise.
Some hotels also have an English speaking doctor on staff, who can assist guests.
For your convenience, Travel.Fars.Company offers a complete directory of hospitals along with their phone numbers and addresses in the ‘City Info’ section. To access this list please go to the Explore menu of the website and select the relevant city.
Finding medication in Iran is also simple as there are numerous 24/7 pharmacies available throughout the country. Most hospitals also have pharmacies that operate on a round the clock basis.
Keep in mind that like most other countries, personal hygiene and sanitary products can be found in most supermarkets and pharmacies in Iran.
Cold medicine and many pain relief medications are available as over-the-counter remedies. To avoid drug interaction complications please consult a physician or pharmacists beforehand.
Although tap water is safe to drink in Iran, there are those who find themselves suffering from an upset stomach when doing so. If you happen to suffer from diarrhea, pharmacies can give you over-the-counter medication to treat your condition.
Please note that travelers coming from areas with risk of Yellow Fever or Hepatitis B transmission will be required to provide vaccination certificates.
Travelers coming from areas with high HIV and TB infection rates will be required to offer proof of recent tests.
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